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Creazione Power Play - Consigli Complimenti e Insulti
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Autore:  borgata [ ven lug 29, 2005 16:52 ]
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Muzedon ha scritto:

Che D&D non sia Forgotten si evince dalle divinità dei manuali, che non sono quelle di Faerun.

Gli dei e le citazioni di personaggi del manuale sono di Oerth (Grayhawk), o per lo meno lo erano in AD&D... non so se nella terza sia ambiato qualcosa...

Autore:  Skaan Natsaclanee [ ven lug 29, 2005 16:53 ]
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no, sono sempre loro, cé pure Rexfelix se sai chi è :wink:

Autore:  Ixiohn [ ven set 06, 2013 00:59 ]
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ti sfato subito il mito...
t consiglio di leggere questo

dove dice:
Use the Correct Formula: One item people frequently ask me about is a ring oftrue strike. The spell provides a whopping +20 insight bonus on attack rolls and negates miss chances arising from concealed targets. It's only 1st level, however, because it is a personal range spell with a duration of 1 round. That means you can normally manage one attack every 2 rounds when using the spell. Also, you can't bestow it on an ally (except for a familiar or animal companion) because of its personal range.

Assuming such a ring worked whenever it was needed and has a caster level of 1st, it would cost a mere 2,000 gp by the formula for a use-activated spell effect (in this case, 1 x 1 x 2,000 gp). Sharp-eyed readers will note that any continuously functioning item has a cost adjustment of x4 (see the footnotes to Table 7-33), which bumps up the ring's cost to 8,000 gp. That's a real bargain for an item that provides so much boost to a user's combat power. Much too great a bargain.

So, what would our example ring of true strike be worth? Insight bonuses aren't included on Table 7-33, but a weapon bonus has a cost equal to the bonus squared x 2,000 gp, so a +20 weapon would cost 800,000 gp. One can argue that the ring isn't quite as good as a +20 weapon because it doesn't provide a damage bonus. That, however, ignores the very potent ability to negate most miss chances. Also, the ring's insight bonus works with any sort of attack the wearer makes. On top of all that, the insight bonus stacks with any enhancement bonus from a magic weapon the wearer might wield. Still, 800,000 gp is a lot of cash and the lack of a damage bonus is significant, so some price reduction is in order. A 50% reduction might be in order, or 400,000 gp for the ring.

Would you pay 400,000 gp for a ring of true striking? I would if I could afford it. At a price of 400,000 gp, our mythical ring of true strike is something only an epic-level character could afford. That's fine, because epic play is where the ring belongs.

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